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My name is Darryl Trisko.  I currently reside in Chicago Illinois.  Please contact me by email or phone.

Cell Phone: +1 847-331-0431


About Skewer It

Eight years ago I met Yakitori for the first time in mid-sized town about an hour outside of Tokyo.  The restaurant, or yakitori-ya, had old wooden sliding doors with a dozen or so red lanterns streaming across the top and down the side.  There was no music other than the non-stop chattering, laughing, and clanging of beer mugs and the staff shouting orders to the grill chef.  Sizzling chicken over red-hot coals created an amazing aroma.  The visual setting was just as intriguing.  Yakitori was being placed on the grill, turned once, and then placed right on a plate in front of the customers at alarming speeds.  The chef moved so fast and the coals were so hot that a single order of yakitori could be ready in less than three minutes.  Customers sat shoulder to shoulder at small tables and at the bar counter sipping beer and snacking on hot yakitori right off the grill.  The sounds, the smells, the noises and of course the mouth-watering flavor was perfect.  After a long day, it just felt right being there.  Many of you who have been to Japan must know exactly what I am describing.  I am sure that many of you who have experienced yakitori in Japan also may have tried grilling up some yakitori at your homes.  I am quite confident with the basics but want to learn more about what everyone else is trying.

This is a menu blog for Skewer Grilling.  I will post a menu item each week or so and hope I can inspire others to start barbecuing more with skewers.

4 Responses to “Contact / About Skewer It”

  1. oh man, this picture made me smile… that izakaiya brings back memories

  2. cool blog! i once had kushikashi (or was it kushiyaki) when i was in tokyo and it was amazing! such yummy and fun food!

  3. Harold Fields Says:

    I have a catering company called Umami Kushi; Kunise my wife friend get me your site info if you have time send me an e-mail I would liker to speak with you on this food that I love.

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